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Safety Certificate Authorized Inspections

<br>MOTOR-<br>CYCLES<br> upto 660cc
upto 660cc

<br>TRUCK<br> upto 45000KG GBM
upto 45000KG GBM

$95 for most areas, $130 for non metro or urgent inspections.

In Queensland, as in most cities, a Safety Certificate is required while buying, selling, registering or transferring a vehicle. A Safety Certificate is also referred to as a Roadworthy Certificate owing to its use of specifying how “roadworthy” a vehicle is.

We Issue Roadworthy/Safety Certificates

At Dr. Roadworthy, we authorize safety certificates after careful inspection and thorough checking.  Vehicle inspectors at Dr. Roadworthy are authorized to check cars, all vehicles up to 4.5tGVM, 4*4’s, and motorcycles. We ensure that you receive the top-most quality of service at a location near or convenient for you.

What are Safety Certificates?

A safety or roadworthy certificate is a document based on safety standards that certify a vehicle’s fitness. At Dr. Roadworthy, a safety certificate is issued only after a thorough check. This is why a certificate issued by us is taken to be an important mark of credibility on the condition of your vehicle.

What Does A Safety Certificate Cover?

The roadworthy certificate issued by Dr. Roadworthy covers basic physical aspects and their conditions. Some common basics covered by our certificate are seats, steering, electrical components, wheels and tires, engines, lights, brakes and its components.

Dr. Roadworthy safety certificates cover these basic things and offer better buyer protection ensuring that the vehicles being offered are safe for operation. This ensures that tires, suspensions, lights and other aspects of the vehicle are in top condition and not threatened by body rust or any other damage.

  Mechanical Check only Mobile check Platinum check
Light vehicles $155 $169 $205
4WD & Prestige $170 $215 $269

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience. How do you choose between appearance and performance? How do you know that the specifications meet your requirements? To make the purchasing of any vehicle a breezy experience, Dr. Roadworthy provides you quality pre-purchase inspections.

What Is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

At Dr. Roadworthy, a pre-purchase inspection is performed by licensed mechanics who are qualified auto technicians. They give the vehicle a thorough look-over and carefully inspect the mechanical and safety prospects of the car. Through a proper pre-purchase inspection the mechanic can bring into light any current conditions or potential issues that could appear in the future.

Why Is Pre-Purchase Inspection Important?

A pre-purchase inspection is essentially a report clarifying the condition of the vehicle. When someone finds a car that they really like, it might be tempting to jump to the conclusion that it is “the one”. But rushing through the process of buying to get into the driver’s seat as soon as possible is not a very good decision while buying any kind of vehicle.

Included in the Pre-Purchase Condition Report.

  • Identification
  • Body for damage including Rust
  • Boot/Doors/Bonnet
  • Brakes
  • Child Restraints
  • Clutch
  • Drive Shafts
  • Electrical System
  • Engine
  • Engine Codes
  • Exhaust System
  • Fluids
  • Heater/Air Conditioning
  • Interior
  • Instruments & Gauges
  • Log Books
  • Lights
  • Paint
  • Park Brake
  • Radiator
  • Road Test
  • Seats
  • Seat Belts
  • Steering
  • Stereo/radio
  • Suspension
  • Transmission/Gearbox
  • Under Body
  • Windscreen/Wipers
  • Wheels/Tyres

General RepairsWe know that your car is probably one of the most important items in your possession. You need to go to work, drive your kids to school, and we all know how much grief an untimely break down can cause. So what can you do to prevent this? The answer is routine general repairs.

You must not wait for your car to breakdown completely before you come to us. Our mechanics at Dr. Roadworthy are adept in handling general, small auto repairs that ensure that you do not have a major ungainly experience with car break down and then have to go through expensive repairs.

Log Book ServiceLog Book Servicing is one of those aspects of maintaining a car that is often ignored by a majority of car owners. While maintaining a log book may not be a legal necessity, it sure is an important responsibility and important to maintain the smooth running of your car and also to keep your warranty intact. At Dr. Roadworthy, we offer a friendly, fully qualified service by experienced mechanics.

Misconceptions about Vehicle Servicing

People are often misled to think that in order to keep their warranty valid, they need to get their car serviced only at the dealership that they bought the vehicle from. This is not true. You can get your car serviced elsewhere and still keep your warranty intact. Our experienced mechanics are able to sign off you log book, ensuring that you have both a smooth-running vehicle without breaking the terms of your warranty.

Preventitive MaintenanceAt Dr. Roadworthy, we believe that regular servicing and preventive maintenance of your vehicle is of utmost importance to avoid surprise breakdowns, expensive repairs, and bring up the resale value of your vehicle. We take our service to you, whether you are at work or at home.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

When it comes to keeping your vehicle from giving you sudden problems and maintaining its good working condition, you have to do more than rotate the tires and change oil every now and then. While these are important techniques are important aspects of preventive maintenance, there are other regular checks like brake inspections, regular engine monitoring, and tire pressure moderations, to name a few. These services are offered by us at Dr. Roadworthy.

These services may sound simple and that is why are often ignored by most vehicle owners. But the truth is that if these simple measures are not taken as a preventive tool, it may cause you some amount of grief. Your car can break down without warning and leave you stranded.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Preventive Maintenance Schedules?

Not more than a few decades ago, vehicle owners were far more inclined towards maintaining a good running condition of their vehicles. One of the many reasons for this that vehicles are now designed to be far more reliable than anyone could have imagined a generation ago. Ironically, this has led to poor maintenance of vehicles which leads to frequent breakdowns due to a variety of reasons.



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