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Who we support and why

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At Dr. Roadworthy, we provide services to the former, as well as the current serving members of the legacy and organisations that are responsible for serving our community. These communities are Fire and Rescue, Australian Defense Force, SES, Child Services, Police, National Park and Wild Life. If you need your job to be done rapidly then contact us and we will reach out to you within no time.

We are an inspection station that issues Safety and Roadworthy Certificates. You will require a Safety Certificate before buying, transferring, selling, or even registering a vehicle. A safety certificate is offered when your vehicle passes the safety inspection. A Safety Certificate will cover the basic things such as providing better protection, being re-registered, or ensuring the vehicle which is at disposal. We are an authorized inspection station.

The inspection is to make sure if the key components are in the proper condition and can be used safely on the roads. The parts to be inspected are,

  • Tires and wheels
  • Brake system, steering, and suspension
  • Reflectors and light
  • Seat and its seatbelts
  • The structure of the vehicle
  • Windows including the washers and the front wipers
  • Windscreen
  • Other safety related objects on the engine, body, or the chassis

The inspection, however, does not certify if the vehicle in the best condition without any kind of deterioration or wear.

We provide services to the people who serve the community as a sign of gratitude for the services that they have offered for the country. They dedicate their life without expecting anything in return and we plan to respect the choice they have made in life. We believe that the access to Safety Certification should be readily available to this people. As a matter of fact, we believe that it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive to those people of the community who are need of such services. This is the reason we offer a discount of 10% as a sign of acknowledgment for their diligent services that needs recognition.

People who Eligible for the Discount of 10%

  • The employees of Federal, State, and Local Government who are residence of Queensland.
  • Employees of the Queensland Police Service.
  • Employees of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Employees of the Queensland Ambulance Services.
  • Employees of Australian Federal Police.
  • People working in Corrective Service of Queensland.
  • People working in the Police Union of Queensland.
  • Employees of QBANK.
  • Employees belonging to Police Youth Club of Queensland.
  • The member of the credit union which is affiliated with the Federation of Police Funds.
  • Taxi license holders of Queensland, Taxi Council or subsidiary of Queensland Inc. employees.
  • Anybody who is engaged in the administration of protection and justice of property and life. For example, Rural Fire Service Volunteers, SES Volunteers, Surf Lifesavers, St. Johns Ambulance Officers.

We offer prompt and impressive set which is worth the fee. We make sure that you have better access for obtaining the Safety Certificate for your vehicle. We are professional and offer guaranteed and safe services. We will come to you and offer a comprehensive report on your vehicle.

15 Jun, 18

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