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Why Safety Certificates from Dr. Roadworthy is the best?

Buying a car is very easy, but the tough part is when it comes to maintenance and safety checks. Ensuring your car is safe and the parts are working in a good condition is of the utmost importance. It not only helps you to ensure the safety of your car, but yours as well. Therefore, when it comes to car safety, you should never compromise on your end. The question is how would you ensure your car is safe and in sound working condition? The answer is simple. Your car should always have a safety certificate issued. People nowadays have become more conscious of their car as well as own safety and due to this consciousness, several companies and agencies have emerged who provide you with safety certificates. However, not all can be trusted and this is why it is extremely important to ensure you opt for a reliable service that could provide you with authentic care safety certificates. This is where Dr. Roadworthy comes to play a pivotal role. Dr. Roadworthy is one of Australia’s finest car services and maintenance agencies that have been serving Gold Coast, Queensland and Brisbane along with all associated suburbs for a long span of time. We guarantee of the best car maintenance services and distinct check-ups. Our licensed and the best experts in the industry provide you with car safety certificates that help you to ensure that your car is working in optimum condition and is absolutely safe.

What is a Safety Certificate?

A safety certificate certifies your car’s fitness based on the check-ups done on distinct safety grounds. Dr. Roadworthy provide you with safety certificates only post a through checkup and that is the sole reason, why our safety certificates are considered to be 100% legit regarding the car’s roadworthiness.

What does the safety Certificate cover?

Our safety certificate program covers a wide range of physical conditions and distinct associated aspects. Some of the basic coverage we provide are seats, steering, brakes, lights, suspensions, tires, and other electrical components of the car. We issue safety certificate and provide buyer protection so that you know your car is in optimum working condition. It helps you to ensure no potential threats or surprise issues that may have aroused in the future.

Who Provides Our Safety Certificate?

We employ licensed automobile technicians and industry experts only to deliver your safety certificates. Our licensed technicians are experts in the industry for long span of time and highly educated as well as extensively trained on the car safety standards.

What kind of Vehicles you Cover?

We cover all sorts of vehicles starting from a normal small car to 4x4s and bigger trucks. We got you covered in all aspects.




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